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As part of the National Curriculum, children are required to learn compulsory lists of spellings. It is expected that all children will be able to spell these words by the time they leave Primary School. 

The “Spelling List” for Reception is a list of 45 High Frequency Words that children use most often. They are supported to learn to read, write and spell these words during day to day classroom activities.

Year 1, spelling is linked to the Phonics being taught in school. Spellings are sent home weekly from Year 1 as part of the Homework set and children are introduced to Spelling Tests.
Children from Year 2 onwards are taught spelling rules and exceptions during regular Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons. Spellings are sent home as part of the Homework set and your child will undertake weekly Spelling Tests.

The spelling lists for each year group, as well as National Curriculum information, are available in the following links. The word lists are divided into weekly spelling lists for each term and these are available on Your Child’s Class page.