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Free School Meals

There are TWO types of Free School Meals.

ALL school meals, whether free or not, are ordered through Kingswood Catering  Parents order the exact meal they want their child to eat, just like using a restaurant menu, and we ensure your child receives the meal you have ordered. A wide choice is available each day, including a packed lunch.

One: All Infants (children in Reception to Year 2) are able to have a free school meal under the “Universal Free School Meal Scheme”. Most children have a Kingswood school meal, but you don’t have to have one and can send your child in with a packed lunch from home instead. Once your child reaches Year 3, meals are no longer free (parents pay online direct to Kingswood) although they continue to be ordered in the same way.

Two: The entitlement to “Free School Meals Pupil Premium Grant” for pupils of any age is very different – this is dependent on the family qualifying for certain benefits. These children’s free school meal entitlement, which is due to their family’s financial status, provides the school with an additional grant of money for the benefit of the child. This is called the Pupil Premium Grant.

Parents of children in receipt of this Pupil Premium Grant will be able to use a “virtual voucher” to cover the costs of all their school trips and some other educational resources, as well as the cost of certain clubs. It is therefore very important that if you think you may be eligible that you apply as soon as possible – PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR CHILD IS IN YEAR 3 AND YOU ARE NO LONGER ENTITLED TO THE INFANT UNIVERSAL FREE SCHOOL MEAL. Once you are registered as eligible, the grant remains in place for 6 years, even if you lose your eligibility later on. 

Applications must be made online. To find out if you are eligible and to complete an application, please visit  and type “free school meals” into the search box and follow the instructions.

If you are eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant, you DO NOT have to actually have the free school lunch - your child can have a packed lunch from home instead – but your child will still be able to benefit from the grant, so it’s a good idea to just check and see if you are eligible.
If you need any help or advice, please contact the school office. Thank you.